About Us



We’re Tanya & Rosie, the human and canine duo behind Lurcher Life With Rosie. We are on a journey together to overcome behavioural and emotional challenges to become a well-behaved Lurcher and a well-trained human.

We want to share our experiences, advice and tips to help overcome behavioural problems, increase friendship and live life to the full with the biggest smile.




A 9-5 worker, podcast lover and an animal admirer who’s heart was stolen by a Lurcher.

I am not a dog behaviourist or trainer, just a normal dog parent, facing canine problems and dealing with Lurcher dramatics while muddling my way through, advice, training schedules and life.


                                                         THE CANINE


20 mph couch potato, a deer wanna be, zoomie lover, who found her forever sofa.

I am a 2-Year-old Lurcher, who has struggled with a number of behavioural problems while settling into a new life, now living life to the full with a huge smile. Don’t expect me out of bed before 8am and the peanut butter in the fridge is mine.