Note I am not a professional dog trainer or behaviourist and don’t claim to be.

Me and Rosie are inseparable best friends. Her infectious, positive outlook on life makes me a better human and I hope in someway I make her a better dog. We ‘just get’ each other and admittedly we spend hours talking about life and random rubbish, while she can’t physically speak back, I know she listening to my ramblings and in an indescribable way I feel her responses. Our close relationship has been building from the moment I got her and has taken some time. Here is a reflection on our friendship.



My close friendship with Rosie did not happen overnight and I often wondered whether we would be close. Just like any relationship we had to get to know each other and learn to live together. Her behavioural problems have often been stressful and when she acts out my patience has been tested, especially in the earlier days, however through perseverance and time we have grown close and our friendship continues to grow from strength to strength.


20161127_104742Rosie had to learn to trust me, for the first 6 months of her life, she lived with someone else, and everything she knew I took her away, even though it was for the better. By giving Rosie a stable routine, constant training, love and the attention she deserved, she learnt to trust me.

Would I trust Rosie not to chase after a deer? Absolutely not!  However just as much as she has had to learn to trust me, I have had to learn to trust her, by stepping back from time to time to allow her to show me her capabilities and give her the opportunity to make her own judgement, of me and her new life.


IMG_20180303_214606584Every day I tell Rosie, how much I love her, while she might not understand my words, I hope by saying it, my she picks up on my positive body language, and in her own mind knows, how much she is truly loved.  I spend quality time with her, provide her with a safe home and ensure she is well cared for so that she can feel content, relaxed and at peace around me. Rosie is the perfect nap buddy, Sunday afternoons after a busy weekend we often go for a nap, she is more than happy to come for a snuggle and we both feel calm, relaxed and loved.


The strength of your relationship with your dog is not based on the number of material objects you buy them, a truly strong relationship comes from the heart.

Please share your love below – Rosie and I would love to hear from you x



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