The Begining


Rosie aged 6 Months

Welcome to Lurcher Life With Rosie, this is her story.

Rosie was born on the thirteenth of January 2016, she spent the first six months of her precious life in a chaotic family home. Through no fault of her own, she ended up as an Ad on  Gumtree.

While she was blissfully unaware of the changes she was about to encounter, I was searching online for something to love and care for after a difficult time. Finding Rosie was the best thing to happen to me, I just hadn’t realised it yet.

I paid £120 for her, a tub of food, the collar around her neck and a squeaky snake toy. The car journey home was a complete nightmare, she was stressed, hyper and barked all the way. It was late once we got back, I had bought her a bed but she wanted to be with me. We compromised and she slept on her new bed in my room.

The weeks and months that followed, I often wondered what I had gotten myself in too. Rosie suffered from separation anxiety to the extreme where she would mess herself if she was alone for more than half an hour. Reactive on the lead towards people, dogs and moving vehicles, she was a thin, scared puppy who deserved a new start in life and I set out to provide one for her.












4 thoughts on “The Begining”

  1. She is currently fostering a Saluki lercher and I am still amazed by how gentle and placid they are. She was out of the puns on Friday and arrived to me on Saturday and settled in since day one.❤️

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